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Is it just me, or do many “anti-pc” people do everything they accuse “pc” people of doing, try to shut down discussion of racism, ableism, etc., try to obliterate words like het, cis, etc., harass, deliberately trigger, and/or dox people to silence them, and beyond this, try to shut down safer spaces…?

and some “anti-pc” people blame one or another marginalized minority for “pc” and “all these problems,” last time one was blaming Muslims…?

This is What I Have to Wear to Run Errands

Ear Protectors, 30 nrr

Ear plugs, not visible, 26 nrr


Even with all this, backup beepers, elevator chimes, sirens, and strobes can be incapacitatingly painful. Unfortunately, backup beepers and strobes are often used as safety signals, through from my point of view, it's hard to understand how they could be anything but weapons.

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I wish, if the people mandating backup beepers think they’re so valuable, that the safety of the many so outweighs the safety and not-getting-beaten-to-the-point-where-we-want-to-die of the few with sensory processing issues, that they’d think them valuable enough to try to compensate those of us with sensory processing issues.

But no, just valuable enough to ignore those of us with sensory processing issues.

A Quick Overview of My Disability Issues
Right now, I'm dealing with chronic pain, chronic headaches, various health issues, and very nasty sensory issues.

I am autistic and have always had sensory differences. Unfortunately, I don't have any common frame of reference to identify all the sensory differences. I do know I already had trouble with flashing/strobing lights, I would get headaches from flourescent lights, etc. but I was able to walk around without shielding my eyes, I was able to listen to music, etc. I do know I also had trouble with certain types of coordination.

I have been suffering chronic health issues and have also had severe sensory amplification, especially over the past three years. I have a diagnosis of hyperacusis, nothing for my other sensory issues, and no diagnosis of the underlying condition.

I get beaten up, by sensory bombardment, almost every day, and often several times in one day. I was beaten up at 6:55 am today. I am particularly sensitive to beeping sounds, and am often incapacitated by the shear pain from backup beepers. I wear earplugs and ear protectors when running errands. I keep ear protectors within arm's reach when at home, and I have set up sound-blocking foam in one closet as a refuge.

I have a lot of trouble accessing health care due to my disabilities and every place's lack of accessibility.

I once arrived at a community health clinic to see my doctor about hormones, I signed in, I curled up in pain in the waiting room, I waited in pain, and I finally asked what was going on - they had quietly signed me out, and they told me I hadn't signed in and had missed my appointment while I was waiting, in obvious pain, for my appointment.

I have had more trouble as my worsening sensory issues make it impossible to take the buses and trains, impossible to use the phones, and often impossible to handle the sensory bombardment in waiting areas, with elevator chimes, phones ringing, tvs flashing and blaring, etc. I haven't been able to follow up on referrals, because I can neither schedule appointments nor go to appointments unless my sensory symptoms are in remission.

A Couple Thoughts on Religous Diversity and Neurodiversity
(I’m including non-religion within religious diversity here.)

First, neurological differences affect whether and what kinds of religious experiences people have. Epilepsy is an obvious example - Harriet Tubman had epilepsy, and there’s speculation that Paul had epilepsy.

Second, our language doesn’t really help describe either extraordinary religious experiences or everyday neurodivergent experiences, and our society uses the same ableist concepts to dismiss both. I have sensory differences, and chronic illness leading to extreme sensory hypersensitivity, and getting beaten up with sensory bombardment hurts worse than getting beaten up with fists and feet and clubs. I have tried to talk about this, but I often get dismissed as “ranting” or “exaggerating” or my descriptions get dismissed as “inappropriate” or “nonsensical.” I just want abled people to stop beating us up.

A Cynical Argument for Panpsychism
Over the past several decades, we've barely avoided nuclear war, and we've continued global warming, overfishing, etc. Unless we change course, we will destabilize the environment we depend on, and completely deplete the cheap fuels other civilizations could begin with. From a sufficiently distant perspective, we would look more like an infection on our biosphere than like a self-aware creative society.

So it seems quite straighforward to think that inert matter is made up of many minds, who simply aren't arranged so as to communicate and cooperate with each other. And while the minds of living cells need resources as we do, the minds or proto-minds of mere particles may not - fortunately for the rest of us.

But it remains quite hard to think how our minds could be made up of non-minds.

Sensory Experiences...?
All my life, when I’ve seen flashing lights, I’ve seen/felt pain. Lately, it’s been worse pain, so I have trouble crossing the street with all the safety signals, turn signals, crosswalk timers, etc. obviously I can no longer bike along the street.

Similarly, when I've heard loud noises, I’ve heard/felt pain. Lately, it’s been worse pain, so even with ear plugs and ear protectors, I can’t handle the intense pain-beatings with the backup painbeepers, painsirens, car horns, elevator painchimes, construction noise, etc. and often collapse and curl up and scream in agony.

But apparently, when some people see flashing lights, they don’t see/feel any pain.

So I’m wondering (a) what that’s like and (b) how we can try to explain our sensory experiences to each other.

To me, when I see flashing lights, I see/feel the pain, just as when I see bright lights, I see/feel the brightness, and I don’t see how one can see flashing lights without seeing... well the pain.

I haven’t been able to explain my sensory experiences to other people, and those of us with different sensory experiences need to be able to explain our sensory experiences to each other. Other people dismiss my explanations as “rants,” or as “nonsense.” I get badly beaten with painful sensory bombardment, and can’t access many public spaces, public transportation, public services, any places within half a mile of ongoing construction, etc.

If more of us are able to explain more diverse sensory experiences maybe we can get more inclusive infrastructure.

When I Talk About Painimation...
Do neurotypicals really not understand? It seems straightforward and descriptive to me: ANIMATION OFTEN HURTS. It seems like any other term, such as “painful animation,” is longer, or less clear, or both.

P.S. Do neurotypicals really not experience these things at all the same way? I can understand that some people might find flashing lights, animated gifs, zooming maps, operating system misfeatures, etc. only moderately painful, but how can anyone see them without experiencing the pain? I think it would be a completely different sensory experience: “What is it Like to be a Neurotypical?” (with apologies to Nagel, whose paper I haven’t read yet.)

So I was arguing against the death penalty...
Now killing someone who is threatening you or threatening someone else might be the lesser evil...

But killing someone who is imprisoned as an act of state-sanctioned revenge is the greater... even if they are guilty, adding another evil only adds another evil.

I didn’t use the word murder, but a supporter of the death penalty claimed I was “misus[ing] the definition of "revenge" and "murder,”“

If you check the actual use, people have always used the word murder to mean killing another person. It seems Orwellian to only use the word murder to mean killing another person without state sanction.

I remember one discussion on the old Jesus Radicals forum about murder in self-defense. and the death penalty is a world away from self-defense.

If you check the etymology, it comes from a root meaning death, not one meaning without state sanction.

And then they claimed I was misusing the word “Orwellian,” too...

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If your political position consists of:

1. Hating people.

2. Encouraging state violence against them.

3. Spouting dehumanizing language against them, (e.g. “illegals,” “mtcfs,” etc.)

4. Spouting complete gibberish which undermines any discussion, (e.g. “every country has a right to restrict immigration,” when the whole point of rights is to put actual people’s freedoms beyond state interference and political bull.)

You shouldn’t expect people to try to refute your nonsense. You should expect people to try to organize against your threat.


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