Chronic Illness Update
I'm still sick.

That is how it goes.

I'm not having so many migraines since quitting tea last November. I'm still struggling with the sound and strobe sensitivities. I can still get hammered by unexpected strobes if I try to walk outside, let alone to bike. I have set up a trainer stand at home, though, so I can get more exercise at home, and while reading. I had trouble with post-exertional symptoms in December and January, but they are fading now in February.

Some things that have helped:

* Quitting tea and cutting back on other salicylates.

* Vitamin supplements.

* Serotonin supplements, since fructose malabsorption impairs tryptophan absorption. It's important to avoid too much though.

* Zinc supplements, since fructose malabsorption impairs tryptophan absorption and zinc defiency is associated with post-exertional malaise in chronic fatigue syndrome. It's important to avoid too much though.

Anti-Immigrant Policies are Global Jim Crow
They are literal segregation.

They have been shaped by the same racist, eugenicist, and divide-the-workers goals.

Supporting these policies doesn’t make you “reasonable.” Opposing these policies doesn’t make us “unreasonable.”

Supporters of anti-immigration policies sometimes claim that “every country has a right to restrict immigration.”

Rights are supposed to protect *people* from arbitrary power, not to justify attacking people with arbitrary power.

One could say that “every government has the might to restrict immigration,” but might does not make right.

Is there any way to protect against turn signals?
I have polare sunglasses, over my regular glasses, but they aren’t enough.

Flashing lights such as turn signals and other safetyweapons blind me, disorient me, unbalance me, and sometimes trigger my migraines and vomiting. Fortunately I don’t get seizures.

Flashing lights from two or more directions, such as turn signals at intersections, often blind me, disorient me, and unbalance me into stumbling into the street.

I try to avoid crossing at busy intersections, but I still have a lot of trouble, and I have been hit by a car [last June] while crossing at a crosswalk between intersections.

Wait? 6 journalists are already facing felony charges for covering anti-Trump protests?

I usually avoid the Guardian these days, because of anti-autistic slurs, but they have two articles on this:

It seems they want to charge most of the 230 people kettled at the protest.

US News also covers this:

Don't Blame Protesters for Police Violence
When police fire tear gas and concussion grenades at protesters, that doesn’t mean the protesters were or are committing violence. It means the police are committing violence.

I wasn’t able to participate in today’s protests, due to my disabilities, but while peacefully protesting years ago, police attacked the group I was with, and someone knocked me to the ground, and police repeatedly sprayed pain into my eyes and mouth. Judging by photos of the beating, and bruises afterwards, they also beat me with an improvised club. I have severe asthma, and I could have died if it had gone down my throat instead of my esophagus. I don’t have epilepsy, but I had some kind of seizure due to the pain.

Blaming protesters is victim-blaming. Bullying survivors to try to figure out what we must have done to deserve the violence can be triggering for some of us with ptsd from this violence. It’s not right, factually or morally.

I am disabled. I get pain-beaten and strobed.

I am in pain, and sometimes in danger, from abled policies which require pain-beaters and strobes.

I am also autistic and trans. I got bullied and bashed unconscious as a kid, and I learned to hate myself for it.

I am a gamer too. Sometimes I play and design games to explore history. Sometimes I play and design games to escape this situation, though and that’s okay.

I want to find games that won’t strobe me, won’t trigger my migraines, and will allow me to play with my sensory and coordination issues. Most tabletop games work for me, but relatively few computer games do.

I also sometimes want to find games that allow more of us to escape the nasty situations some of us face, though, too. Even if only for a while. I don’t want to get stuck with games which *support* racism, sexism, ableism, etc., so I try to avoid games when the publishers complain about “SJW” “censorship,” or of course, if they support racism, sexism, ableism, etc.

P.S. And I've been thinking about how to bring escapist social justice into a semi-historical setting. How about a Roman-age setting, in Scythia east of Dacia, where Spartacus's rebels have settled after escaping from Italia, with Amazons from the east trading horses, Gutones from the northwest trading amber, and so on?

Sildaleiks! Wonderful!
Chelsea Manning should never have been imprisoned, and the United States government should never have invaded Iraq, but the commutation may well save her life.

Tatchanka - Playtesters Needed
Between struggling with my illness, and with the beatings and strobings, I've been working on a board-and-counters wargame of parts of the Ukrainian Civil Wars of 1917-1921.

The first set of scenarios focus on the conflict between the Directory, the Bolsheviks, and the Whites, after the fall of the Hetmanate. These take place between December 1918 and February 1919. The second set of scenarios focus on the conflict between the Makhnovists and Whites, with the Bolsheviks returning to southern Ukraine at the end. These take place between September 1919 and January 1920. There are 2-player and 3-player scenarios.

I could use more playtesters. With the playtest version, you would need to print out the maps and double-sided counters, and mount the double-sided counters on cardboard. With the final version, that won't be an issue. If you are interested in playtesting, please contact me.

176 Playing Pieces

P.S. From my last playtest of "Fall of the Directory:"

This time, the Directory held on in the Kyiv-Chernihiv area, after defeating Zelenyist forces there.

Medical Self-Education?
For several reasons, such as

* My ongoing struggles with chronic illness

* My past ignorance of transition

* Many people losing access to healthcare if Republican plans go through

I think I’m going to need to know more about medicine to take care of myself, and I don’t think I’m alone in this need.

For other reasons, such as

* Side effects of drugs and supplements

* Persistence of abusive treatments for queer and autistic kids

* Outbreaks of disease in under-vaccinated areas

* Growth of the police state and prison state with the drug war

I think we'd mostly be better off if we knew more about medicine.

What are good, cheap, accessible starting points?

Firing strobe weapons at an entire neighborhood is a reckless act of violence.
I have been sick for two days with migraines and vomiting after getting strobed. Many people can have seizures from getting strobed.

P.S. I keep getting strobed.

Turn signals, unsafety signals, and hazardous lights all blind me, disorient me, sometimes hit me with migraines, and sometimes cause me to stumble into the street.

Emergency lights blind me, disorient me, inevitably hit me with migraines, cause me to lose my balance, and leave me sick and in agony for days afterwards.

P.P.S. Someone is firing a fast strobe out by the road right now. I know that those of us with strobe sensitivities aren’t allowed to drive on abled people’s roads, but we still have to walk down abled people’s roads, cross abled people’s roads, etc. I am safe here and I hope no one gets injured or killed this time.


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