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Preparatory Reading
I won't be able to participate in any protests, let alone resistance, unless my health improves. But I'm planning to read a few more works on effective nonviolent resistance:

* Why Civil Resistance Works, by Erica Chenoweth & Maria J. Stephan,

* Building a Movement to End the New Jim Crow, by Daniel Hunter,

* On the Salt March, by Thomas Weber.

And to re-read a few works I'd read for earlier projects, such as:

* Some of the public records from the Seattle Accountability and Review Committee.

* The Battle in Seattle, by Janet Thomas.

* Netwar in the Emerald City, by Paul de Armond.

Before my illness, I prepared a transcript of the first several hours of the police radio recordings which were among those public records. I don't have a suitable place to post the public records and the transcripts, but if I did, other people might be able to use them.

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Finished On the Salt March. It's hard to say how successful and sustainable Gandhi's salt campaign was. The march to Dandi was a symbolic victory, the salt tax resistance throughout India was a more important practical victory, and the raids on Dharasana were a disaster with 1,300 protesters wounded and 4 killed.

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