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I kind of love this post so much.

Thank you I was reading the first essay I linked above, and it was so wrong, on so many levels... I saw how his proposals would have aggravated the bullying I've survived, and his proposals would have killed me... I was angry, and with good reason.

Bullying sows the seeds for misogyny, for exploitation, for racism, for militarism, and so on. And the school system is very much an engine of bullying.


He would likely stop linking if you asked him to.

If I knew what he saw in it, I'd know what to avoid in future posts. I'm encouraging the cultural radicalism that Preston is denouncing. A lot of the destructiveness comes from socially-approved bullying against certain groups, and opposing that social approval would go a long way towards building social equality.

It would also save lives.

A lot of the destructiveness of the American school systems (inclusive of many private schools)...

It's hard to write about this, on part, because the pain begins so early. One of my teachers encouraged the other students to hit me. Sometimes I wonder if that left me broken. Because we can't stop it to escape it, I think bullying encourages us to dissociate from our pain, as though it wasn't real or didn't happen, and encourages us to dissociated from any socially-unacceptable emotions.

Institutions which teach bullying teach kyriarchy: hierarchy, domination, obedience, force-worship, misogyny, and state-worship.

It's not a side issue. I am skeptical of any effort to prioritize one cause [abolishing capitalism, ending the state, shattering patriarchy, etc.] over all other causes, and to dismiss something like anti-bullying as a distraction from the One Cause to Rule Them All.

I agree with you entirely. I have also noticed that those who claim to oppose oppressions seek only to parry those oppressions deployed against themselves, while remaining complicit in those oppressions inflicted by their necessary allies; this is true of both the effective Left and effective libertarianism, grossly and with rare exceptions, and with a degree of treachery willing to sanction mass starvation and slavery and the likely destruction of a bisosphere capable of supporting human life.

Those who keep their hands entirely clean of power are vanishingly rare and become only powerless and unenviable. These saints- Chris Hedges, for instance, who is not happy- have only delusionary heavens or delusionary intrinsic values with which to console themselves, and this compared to the things human beings truly desire is noisome straw. No cat is made happier or healthier by vegetarianism, and no human being can draw life or substance from morality alone. St. Anthony died in the desert for nothing, except the further pain of those whose brief lives were wasted by following his example.

I did everything I told you I would and regret none of it, given the bloody classpile of a world we inhabit. I like my ring.

Cold be hand and heart and bone,
and cold be sleep under stone:
never more to wake on stony bed,
never, till the Sun fails and the Moon is dead.
In the black wind the stars shall die,
and still on gold here let them lie,
till the dark lord lifts his hand
over dead sea and withered land.

You have a brilliant mind and poetic spirit. I shan't write again, and shouldn't be writing now.

Everything is rent.

You don't have to believe me when I say I'm happy. I am usually angry when I blog, and that shows. I am not contented, I am not satisfied, and I am not always hopeful, but I am happy. I enjoy life. I enjoy living. I enjoy feeling the earth beneath my feet. I enjoy seeing the stars above. I enjoy writing, and chatting, and making things, and sometimes enjoy helping people but not always.

Of course, someone deeply unhappy could write the same thing. Words are such blunt instruments. Maps are better... ;)

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