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One reason I was into marijuana activism for so long is that I thought it made men more peaceful. That "disempowering" thing you were talking about... although I didn't use that word, which wasn't yet in use. I would say "induces pacifism" and like that. :) Supposedly it actually lowers testosterone, but I don't know if that is true or just bad PR. (If it IS just bad PR, hasn't worked! LOL)

I still think its a good idea, and I still believe that is one reason reefer is still outlawed; marijuana feeds imagination, challenges conventional identities and induces pacifism. The immediate capitalist goal is buy, buy, buy... certainly that doesn't allow for inducing skepticism from stoners laughing at TV commercials.

BTW, did you ever hear of the feminist collective called "Jane"? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jane_Collective

This was a collective of regular women who performed abortions. This kind of collective could work for trans women and men also. Hormones and other stuff could be attained and distributed by a collective, I know some people have navigated all of that fairly easily and others are still muddling through. Taking these things out of the hands of professionals would be very empowering for everyone involved. My surrogate son, South Carolina Boy, is in a repressive situation and I worry about him all the time. (fundamentalist county in a fundamentalist state). He would have a much easier time bypassing professionals. I am sure that is true for lots of people. (The big reason for Jane was that there were no other (legal) options at the time.)

The repressive thing about the gatekeeping is that SOME people get through the gates and others don't, and it sets up a sort of hierarchy, as some people consider themselves "more valid" than others. This has had a negative psychological effect on SCB and others, who are in difficult social circumstances. A collective would effectively bypass all that shit and take matters into folks own hands and lives.

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