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I still think market anarchism has a lot to contribute to the rest of anarchism
I am not really a market anarchist any more, but I feel I need to explain and defend a few points.

I think it’s important to have a system where people can communicate what they need, and what they want, and what they don’t need, and what they can do to help, and I think it’s important to have systems where people can work things among themselves, if for some reason they can’t work things out through the community or union or federation orgs. Like if left-pterfs are running the community health center, I’ve got to go somewhere else for my medical needs, and if ableists are ignoring my disabilities, I’ve got to find some alternative to a ‘balanced job complex’ that’s not balanced for me. I think markets are an imperfect solution, because of unbalanced information, unbalanced bargaining power, unbalanced buying power, and externalities, among other problems, but I think they contain the seeds of a solution.

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There onto something when they frame it more as emergent phenomena and less as exchange, which strikes me as a cynical business. Hopefully there are emergent social phenomena other than markets out there.

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